How do the tours work?

When you arrive at our store you'll get all information about Stockholm and the tours (this takes around 15 minutes). After this you start a tour that you like, the tour is started with a click on the GPS that is mounted on the Vespa and E-bike. Once you finished a tour (each tour takes around 2 hours) you can start a new one if you have time left. When you are done you return to the store.

Is it a group or individual tour?

It's a self-guided tour so you go by yourself and can decide your own pace. You simply follow the tour in the GPS and you have all the information about each place you visit in a corresponding map.

Can two people ride on one Vespa?

Yes, you can comfortably go two people on the same Vespa.

Is there an insurance included?

Yes, you have a full covered insurance included for the Vespa. The liability is 2500 SEK.

Is my car driving license sufficient?

Yes, you only need your normal car driving license (no motorcycle license is needed)

Can I park the Vespa during the tour?

There are plenty of motorcycle parkings in Stockholm. You find one in almost every block. All the motorcycle parkings are listed in the included GPS.

What clothes should I wear?

Wear clothes that are slightly warmer than what you would normally wear since the wind from the ride makes it a bit chilly.



More questions?

Please call us or send an e-mail, you find the contact details below.