This tour is only available as a vespa tour (not for e-bike).

So you have explored all of the city and want to see more? The Archipelago tour is the perfect choice. The tour will guide you to Stockholm's newly built modern suburbs, picturesque country side roads and finally all the way to the famous archipelago.

Impressive buildings at Hammarby sjostad in Stockholm

The first stop is at Hammarby sjöstad that have had an extraordinary transformation the last decade, from a large scale industry to a completely new modern urban district. Enjoy the futuristic and creative architecture with beautiful surroundings.

View from stunninig Jarlo sjo in stockholm archipelago

After this you will head out against the sea breeze and stop on a picturesque neighbourhood named Jarla Sjö located beautifully along the sea. This was also an important industry but now rebuilt to probably the most charming suburb of Stockholm.

Picture from archipelago tour in Stockholm

The tour continues further out to the archipelago to an exclusive region named Saltsjöbaden. This has for centuries been an escape for Stockholm's wealthier society. It has an elegant marina and a famous Grand Hotel built in the 1890's.

View from scooter on Kvarnholmen

After the visit in Saltsjöbaden the tour will slowly take you back to the city. It will stop at another new suburb that is being transformed. The district is in its very building phase so you will see the dramatic contrast of the new stylistic buildings next to the teared down houses.

Stunning sunses from Finnboda Kaj

The last stop of the tour is at the sea entrance to Stockholm. It has a spectacular view and probably the most beautiful sunset in Stockholm! There is also a hidden bar along the channel where you have to go for a drink and chat about your impressions of the Archipelago tour.